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Students' performance is assessed through written and/or oral exams, as decided for each course by the lecturer.The evaluation takes into account: the understanding of the topics; the control of the specific vocabulary for the subject; the accuracy of the concepts; the ability to use the concepts in individual case studies; the effectiveness of the expression; the ability to re-using autonomously and originally the contents. The examination committees are regulated by the Academic Regulations.

According to Italian University rules, the grading system goes from 1/30 to a maximum of 30/30 cum laude; the minimum pass mark is 18/30.  A certain number of credits, named CFU (= Crediti Formativi Universitari), is assigned to each course. One CFU corresponds to 25 hours of study spent to complete a certain teaching activity (course, seminar, internship, etc.). A course unit will be allocated with credits when an examination is passed by the student with a minimum grade of 18/30. The total amount of credits to graduate at the end of the two years of the Master's degree program is 120, gained by concluding all the activities included in the study plan.

Each lecturer establishes the examination rules and modalities, explained in the specific course's page under the lecturer's personal webpage. A list of courses taught in each academic year is also available at this webpage (check LM-52). In case of doubts, students can consult lecturer, by sending an e-mail or by meeting personally during the consultation hours indicated under ORARIO DI RICEVIMENTO in the lecturer's personal webpage.


TO SIT ANY EXAM, ONLINE REGISTRATION IS COMPULSORY. The exam registration procedure takes place in the student reserved area at (via login with UserID and Password) starting from fifteen (15) days prior to the date set for the exam. Unless otherwise indicated by the teacher (however, reported in the online booking information), registrations close 2 days before the exam date.

NOTICE-1: registration to exams is possible only after the online compilation of the career plan in each academic year. Failure to complete the career plan may cause the impossibility to book the exam. More details can be found at this webpage: STUDY PLAN

NOTICE-2: according to University’s Rules and Regulations, students cannot take exams and, therefore, gain credits in the Master’s degree program before passing the interview(s) with the referee(s) to fill-in the gaps in the subjects, identified during the admission procedure. In this case, exams will be nullified. More details can be found at this webpage: ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

NOTICE-3: Students who have not regularly paid University tuition fees can register for exams but will not find the passed exams in their transcripts, neither the online one, nor the printed one.

BEFORE REGISTERING TO ANY EXAM: students must fill in the online assessment questionnaire on the course to which they are intended to sit the exam. To do that, click on the menu item QUESTIONNAIRES of the student reserved area.

TO REGISTER TO AN EXAM: click on the menu item EXAM DATES; a list of available exam dates within the current session for the courses included in the career plan will appear. Select the one(s) of your interest and follow the instructions. Once confirmed, it is possible to print out a registration memo (optional). 
In case of difficulties during the registration process, please contact the tutor or the Department Student Administration Office.


In each academic year, exams take place within specific lapses of time, named examination sessions, in which one or more date(s) is(are) available for each course. Each examination session refers to a specific semester/term/academic year in which the course/subject is taught, or to certain student status,  as specified in the ACADEMIC CALENDAR.

The the timetable is published on the exam dates webpage (BACHECA APPELLI D'ESAME): select the department where the course is taught; then the master's degree program which one is enroled in; then the subject and the lecturer. The exam date(s) will appear; details on the exam can be found by clicking on the date.

NOTICE: Exams dates and hours may be subject to modifications: for this reason, students are recommended to visit the exam dates webpage, as well as lecturer's and/or course webpage to find out any possible change.