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The Department of Political Sciences, Communication and International Relations, from the beginning, took up a challenge regarding complexity, knowledgeinnovation and internationalization. These words emblematically represent the mission of the new structure and the strategic goals around which multiple activities (didactics, research, relations with the territory, international projects…) are organised.

Complexity: it characterizes the contemporary world and requires multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches that are capable of facing and reducing the current fragmentation.
Knowledge: to understand/ interpret phenomena and face problems (cultural education). Knowledge to acquire skills (professional education), that are flexibly applicable to the employment market. 
Innovation: apparently, this element is not compatible with the sphere of humanities. Still, it is a high-ranking task, that requires higher-level neo-humanistic education to meet the demands of innovation expressed by communities and authorities.
Finally internationalization: a common viewpoint and a push towards the global dimension, the more rooted it is in the local territory the stronger it becomes.



Professor Emmanuele Pavolini
+ 39 0733 258.2589

The Department is composed of three different Organisation Units:

  • Administrative and Financial Management Organisation Unit
  • Didactics and Student Organisation Unit
  • Research and Internationalisation Organisation Unit

coordinated by a single Administrative Manager.