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Study plan

Here you can find the Study plans referred to the a.y. 2022/2023:

CHANGE OF CURRICULUM: Those IR students who want to change their curriculum must enrol in the academic year 2020/2021 and then  submit a request to the Student Registrar’s office in Via Gramsci no.16. Please note that your reserved area will be blocked until your request has been processed by the Committee, therefore you will not be allowed to sign up for exams in that period of time.
To make a request to the Committee, please send an email to
Please note that the Committee meets approximately once a month.
The Students Office will send the response by mail using the official UniMC email box (


After completing application for enrollment you must draw up your programme of study (the list of education and training activities you wish to engage in during your student career, and which exams you must pass to do so).
You must draw up the programme every academic year you enroll in even if there are no changes (unless you are enrolling beyond the specified time limit for completion).

How to draw up the programme of study?
  • Visit the website
  • With username and password log in the Log-In Area [‘Area Riservata’]
  • Click on Programme of Study [‘Piano carriera’] and follow the instructions Upon completition you may print a copy of your programme of study.
Remember that failure to complete the online study plan may cause a hold on your account, in which you will not be able to register for the exams.


The University of Macerata issues the student record book where passed teaching activities are recorded.
Exhibiting the record book to security and reception operators when accessing university structures and facilities is mandatory. You may collect the Student Record Book from the Student Administration Office of the Department or you may entrust someone to do so. In such case, the entrusted person shall have to submit your written authority and a copy of a valid Identity Document (front and back) belonging to you.

For enquiries, please contact: