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Provisions for exams

provisions for exams

provisions for exams


Under Rector’s Decree no. 31/2022 all scheduled exams and graduation sessions will be held in person, complying with all safety measures to ensure social distancing. The use of FFP2 mask is mandatory to access any university building (classrooms, libraries, laboratories, studios, departments and offices, etc.) and for every didactic activity.
Given the international vocation of the Master’s Degree Program in “International Relations” (LM52), the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations has issued the following indications to cope with timing and logistical issues;
Only students that are  abroad are allowed to take online examinations for duly motivated study, research and health reasons.
For organisational reasons, they must send a motivated request and inform in advance by e-mail the Didactics and Student Office ( and the lecturer.
Administrative procedures linked to the examinations at UniMC at the following link: