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Final exam - graduation

In order to be awarded the final diploma, the student is required to write and discuss an original thesis in English in one of the subjects included in the study plan under the guidance of their thesis supervisor. 16 ECTS will be awarded for this requirement.


The graduation dates and the related deadlines are available on the ACADEMIC CALENDAR and on the DEPARTMENT WEBSITE ("CALENDARIO SESSIONI DI LAUREA"). Please notice to which academic year refers the session.

To be admitted to the final exam, follow these instructions:

AT LEAST 6 MONTHS BEFORE THE GRADUATION SESSION (as soon as the topic is approved by the supervisor):

From the a.y. 2016/2017 - for the Students enrolled in the master's degree program in "Study Politici e Internazionali" and in "Global Politics and International Relations" - the thesis topic must be approved by thesis Supervisor at least 6 months prior to the expected graduation date (art 7. c. 3 Reg. Didattico CdS).


  • Complete the online application form under the menu item "Qualification award" ("Conseguimento titolo") of the the student reserved area at (via login with UserID and Password). Notice: you must have settled payment of due fees to start the application.

Be sure to have ready the following documents before starting the application:

  1. - THESIS FORM duly filled-in and signed.
  2. - Scanned copy of the ACADEMIC RECORD BOOKLET (libretto): first page (where personal data, photo and student number/matricola are included) and any page containing the registred passed exams (max file size: 30 MB, max 6 files).
    Students who have taken exams during the "Socrates-Erasmus" program are required to provide also the copy of the letter received from the International Relations Office, where the exams taken abroad and duly registered are indicated.
  3. - The completion receipt of the online evaluation questionnaire reserved to graduating student ("Questionario AlmaLaurea"): graduating students are asked to register to AlmaLaurea website and to complete the online questionnaire at the webpage:

Once you have this documentation in electronic format, you can proceed to fill in the online application. The procedure is considered completed only after clicking on the button “CompletaDomandaConseguimentoTitolo”. It is not necessary to hand over any soft copy document to the Registrar's office.

At the end of the procedure, two fee slips will be issued under the menu item "Payments" of the student reserved area:

  1. one fee slip of € 71.38 for the degree certificate (parchment)
  2. one fee slip of € 16 for the virtual stamp on the qualification award.

They must be paid immediately, or the Student Registrar’s Office will not be able to confirm the THESIS FORM. There is no need of bringing the receipt of payment of the two MAV forms to the Student Registrar’s Office.


  • By this deadline, you must have achieved all the required credits (ECTS) by passing all exams and obtaining  successful assessment in workshops, qualification tests, seminars, work placements and training.
  • Deliver the printed version of the thesis (soft cover, printed on both sides, 1.5 line spacing, signed by the supervisor and the graduating student and including the student’s name and course of study) to the Student Registrar’s Office. [NO LONGER NECESSARY, THESIS MUST BE UPLOADED ONLINE]
    The file .doc to be used for the FRONTESPICE (title page) can be downloaded here. 

ABOUT 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE GRADUATION SESSION (following the publication of the graduation committee):

  • Delivery of the thesis to the co-supervisor(s), by hand (during the reception hours) or by e-mail.
    Students can find the names of the co-supervisors attributed to them on the list of graduating students, published at this webpage. In case of a single co-supervisor, he/she is selected by the Head of the Department. In case they are two, one is selected by the supervisor and the second one by the Head of the Department. It may happen that the indicated supervisor will not be nominated. For what concerns co-supervisors:

- 1 co-supervisor for Bacherlor’s Degree and 4 year courses (compilative) thesis.
- 2 co-supervisors for Master’s Degree and 4 year courses (in depth or research) thesis.


  • Deliver a copy of the thesis abstract* for each member of the graduation committee to the Didactic office of GPR.
*The thesis abstract consists of 4/5 pages to be stapled and without binding: the first page is the frontispiece; one or two pages of thesis abstract; the last page must contain the list of completed exams with their dates and marks. Any bindings will be removed.


Students must arrive at the set time in the classroom where the thesis will be discussed. The order of the graduating students will be communicated on that day.


If the student who submitted the application form decides not to attend the graduation day, he/she is required to contact immediately the Student Registrar’s Office/Segreteria Studenti (fax 0733 2582755 or from the student’s UNIMC email account to in order to know how to register for the next graduation session.
In order to be admitted to the next graduation session, the student needs to go through the same procedure again and submit a new THESIS FORM. In this case, the system will store the previous application form and the student will be able to modify the data previously inserted or confirm them, in case they have not changed. Once the procedure is completed, the student needs to get in touch with the Student Registrar’s Office that will produce a virtual stamp for the second graduation application.


Students who intend to use multimedia for presentations, files, videos, etc. during the graduation exam must fill in the following online form within 7 days before the graduation session. Fill in all the parts of the form, in particular be careful to rename the files with Surname_Name.extension, ex: Rossi_Mario.pptx or Rossi_Mario.pdf before sending it.
Remember that the PC available to undergraduates is connected to the projector and has installed the Windows 10 Operating System with Microsoft Office 2016. For safety, always bring a USB pen drive with a copy of the file.
N.B. All undergraduates who fail to meet the deadline indicated (the form will be deactivated) can, presenting themselves in advance on the day of the thesis discussion, or at the time of the discussion, autonomously, put a copy of the file in full screen execution from their USB ( taking responsibility for any malfunctions not previously verified).
The photo and video services taken during the graduation sessions are provided by: PLAYMARCHE SRL - Via Santa Maria della Porta n.62 - 62100 Macerata (MC)
For info and reservations: Giovanna Gori - Cell. 338.5065541 - e-mail:
The rates (including VAT) for the purchase of services, corresponding to the delivery of the material in digital format, are as follows:
- photo shoot: € 60.00 (reduced to € 50.00 if the booking / order concerns at least three undergraduates with session scheduled on the same day and in the same thesis discussion room)
- video shooting service: € 80.00
- full service (photographic and video recording): € 100.00