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English Summary of the General Regulations of Internship

  • ECTS/CFU granted for internships:
  • Work Placements of at least 150 hours are awarded 4 credits. If the placement lasts longer, 1 credit is awarded for every 50 additional hours, up to a maximum of 6 credits. If the placement lasts longer than 250 hours, no more than 6 credits are awarded.

    The Degree Course Council (hereafter DCC) awards credits  to the students’ submission of the final documentation (i.e. student’s work placement assessment, partner’s assessment of student, evidence of student attendance).

  • Duration of the internship:
  • Work placements last at least one month, including holidays, that is 150 hours. Each work placement day consists of at least 4 hours of activity.

  • Didactic and Academic Tutor:
  • activities performed by students in the context of the internship are coordinated and monitored by the teacher member of  DCC, as didactic and academic tutor.

    The student can choose any teacher of the course of study as an academic tutor.

  • Choosing an organisation:
  • Each student, in accordance with his/her academic tutor, chooses the institution/company for the internship/stage, sets the educational goals and the details about how to carry out the activity.

    The activation of an internship/stage is carried out through the subscription of a convention signed by the promoter (the University) and the hosting organisation (Institution/Business) and the compilation of the educational project (progetto formativo).

    See List of institutions/companies, which already have an agreement with University of Macerata (in italian language)

    If the Institution/company chosen does not have an agreement with University of Macerata, students have to reach an agreement, see the web page (in Italian language).


  • For the management of the Internship / Stage each student relies on the support of the Office Courses and Internship which provides online a list of entities / affiliated companies, as well as a showcase of internships offered by entities / companies .

    The activation procedure of the Internship / Stage is expressed through the signing of an agreement signed by the promoter ( University ) and the host organization ( Organization / Company ) and the compilation of a training project .

    Information and operational details for the signing of the Convention and of the training project, forms, contacts , opening hours front office internship is available at where you offer a special section dedicated to the student.

    To receive information and assistance on the activation of curricular internships, the new Infostudenti ticketing system is working. Therefore, requests for information and assistance from students will only be answered if sent through the ticketing system.

    In addition to the of F.A.Q., the Infostudenti service will allow you to contact the office by sending a ticket. By selecting "STUDENT AREA: university career" as the reason for the request and indicating "INTERNSHIP: ACTIVATION" as the topic, the ticket will be automatically sent to our office. To learn how to use the service, you can consult the related tutorial.

  • The trainee is required to register the daily activity performed in the attendance table (Modulo presenze), which must be signed, in order to certify attendance, by the trainee and the company tutor.
    The company tutor and the trainee may, if provided by the student's course of study, fill in the evaluation questionnaire in itinere.

  • Submit the following documents to Ludovica Spadoncelli  ( (U.O. Didattica e Studenti) and in order to have the credits' recognition from the board:
    - Modulo presenze / the attendance table
    - final evaluation questionnaire for tutor
    - final evaluation questionnaire for student



    Validation of CFU for working activities or training activities.

    Students who are currently doing or have done a work-experience or a civilian service closely connected to their study plan can request a credit TRANSFER (ALLEGATO C GPR Guidelines).


  • Request form to the IR board (specify the course you are enrolled in and the Class to which it belongs)
  • Certificates that attest your activity (e.g. contract, declaration of the employer, service certificate, etc)

  • The above mentioned certificates should be handed in to the Department Desk, or sent by mail to:

    DIDACTICS AND STUDENTS Organisation unit

    Ludovica Spadoncelli