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Every year, second semester, Professor Ernesto Tavoletti’s students, from the International Marketing course, participate in the X-Culture project.

The X-Culture project is a large scale experiential learning exercise in International Business, coordinated by the University of North Carolina (USA), Bryan School of Business and Economics, designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in international business.

A total of over 2,500 students from 80 universities in 40 countries on six continents participate in the project from March to May. Working in virtual international teams, the students developed a business proposal for a global company and provided a detailed plan for implementing the idea.

The best students are invited to attend X-Culture / Academy of International Business Student Symposiums where students apply their talents to a challenge by a leading corporation. Past editions include:

1) Atlanta 2013, hosted by the Home Depot;

2) Istanbul 2013, hosted by Mercedes Benz;

3) Miami 2014, hosted by Louis Vuitton;

4) Savannah 2015, hosted by JCB Machines;

5) Tampa 2016, hosted by SYKES;

6) Miami 2017, hosted by Seminole Gaming / Hard Rock International;

7) Washington, 2018, hosted by the  Academy of International Business USA Southeast (AIB-SE) Division Visit the website for pictures and reports:

Professor Ernesto Tavoletti was awarded a diploma as 'best instructor' in the last five editions and his students reported consistently among the best performers. Two of them won the international competition in Tampa 2016

If you want to know more about the X-Culture project, please, visit the project website:

In order to enroll for the next session, starting on the 1st of March every year, send an e-mail to


X-culture UniMC 2018

Global X-Culture Conference and Symposium, Italy 2018 'Culture and the Arts': X-Culture 2018 participants with the Professor Ernesto Tavoletti (UniMc Coordinator)

Discover more here:!


X-Culture 2016: the GRP's Students Winners with the Professor Ernesto Tavoletti (UniMc Coordinator)

and the Professor Vas Taras (North Carolina University), Project Coordinator


X-Culture 2015: the SPOCRI Students Team with the Professor Ernesto Tavoletti (Unimc Coordinator) and the Professor Francesco Adornato (SPOCRI Dean)

x-culture_edizione 2015

X-Culture 2014: The SPOCRI Students Team with the Professor Ernesto Tavoletti (UniMc Coordinator)